Ulano BP2213 Blue Poly-2® Gelatin-Based Indirect Film, 40″ x 300″


Blue, medium thickness emulsion on a 2-mil optically flat polyester backing. Combines wide exposure latitude with excellent resolution. Ideal for general screen printing work.

Resolution:  75 – 100 microns (3 – 4 mils)

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All Indirect System Photographic Films consist of a light-sensitive emulsion affixed to a transparent base or backing sheet, with special adhesives. Indirect Films are exposed, developed (except Pulsar and Ulanolux UP3), washed out with skin temperature water and then adhered to a screen.

Indirect films offer superior fine detail reproduction; sharp printing edges; uniform stencil thickness; predictable standardized exposures; close control of stencil thickness, hence ink deposit; fast and simple stencil production; and easy stencil removal for efficient mesh recovery. All Ulano gelatin-based Indirect Films are totally solvent resistant. The topcoat on Ulano Indirect Films prevents tackiness under conditions of heat and high humidity.

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Dimensions 42 × 3 × 3 in


   Ulano Indirect System Photographic Films Technical Data Sheet




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