Jantex Pigment For Waterbase Inks


Jantex Pigments are used to make Ready For Use Waterbase Inks.  Must be mixed with Jantex Binder 45NRF and optional Jantex Anti-Fungus (used for longer shelf-life to prevent fungus growth).


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Black 2911, Blue 7101, Blue 7252, Brown 5801, Green 4101, Orange 8301, Red 3821, Red 3901, Rubine 3401, Violet 6201, Yellow 8012, Yellow 8251, Yellow 8292


Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon

Mixing Formulas

QuartGallon5 Gallon
Water (50%)750 grams3000 grams15000 grams
45NRF Binder200 grams800 grams4000 grams
Pigment Concentrate87.5 grams350 grams1750 grams
JT Concentrate45 grams180 grams900 grams
JT Antifungus3 grams12 grams60 grams
Ammonia3 grams12 grams60 grams




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