Frame Fast 290 Screen Fabric Adhesive, 16 oz.


Frame Fast® 290 Adhesive is a high viscosity engineering grade adhesive developed for coarse mesh counts of 260 or greater. Frame Fast® 290 Adhesive can be used on aluminum, steel, and wood or plastic insert strips used in self tensioning frames. This product exhibits extraordinary strength with a tensile strength of 3500 psi.

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General Instructions

  1. Apply a single uninterrupted bead of Frame Fast® 290 Adhesive to the face of the frame.
  2. Be sure the frame and fabric/mesh are in contact.
  3. Spread the adhesive immediately with any flat-edged tool.
  4. Spray any Frame Fast® Activator lightly but thoroughly from about 14 inches away from the frames. The adhesive will harden instantly.
  5. Trim excess fabric/mesh. Screened frame is now ready to use. Maximum strength is achieved in 24 hours.

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   Frame Fast 290 Adhesive Technical Data Sheet

   Frame Fast 290 Adhesive SDS (Safety Data Sheet)




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